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Keystone Survey is a progressive surveying company aimed at providing high quality and efficient services with the use of latest technologies, across Australia. With a client-focused philosophy and strong technical abilities, Keystone Survey is able to provide an array of surveying services to the construction industry in both the private and public sector. When you need a Sydney surveyor, think Keystone Survey!

Construction set outs are our Bread and Butter! We are capable of using plans provided to set-out any kind of structure. The scale of the projects that we are involved in, and have been involved in, in the past, vary from large scale commercial to typical house set out. There is no task too big or too small. The following are an example of the types of set out services that we provide:

  • Large and Small scale construction projects including bridges, roads, railways and dams. We are also able to provide services for the installation of services such as stormwater lines and underground utilities services. Anything you need set out on your project, we can set it out!

Fees can be based on both a lump sum and hourly rates depending on the size and scope of the project.

In relation to large scale projects, there is often a burden on surveyors to carry out set-out work and as-built work at the same time. Why not outsource the As-built and let us focus on the data? We can provide you with all the as-built information you require, in an efficient manner, in the form that you require it in. Delays on information will be a thing of the past with our dedicated team providing you with the information when it is needed.

Establishing a control network prior to the commencement of a project is an essential element to being able to construct to the design provided. We can ensure that all control is established to MGA/AHD and it is able to be used confidently to ensure the accurate construction of a project.

Need to know how much material is in a stock pile, or how much you need to cut/fill? With our latest technologies we can accurately determine the volumes involved with your project so you can assess and plan site movements, and make accurate cost assumptions.

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